The breadboard and display

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If you’ve landed here, it’s most likely you’ve been introduced to the subject of FGPA’s one way or another and are interested in learning/watching the struggles of others. The truth is, I’m an absolute amateur in this field, but one of the ways I tend to consolidate my knowledge is by communication – hence this blog.

Also, if I can save one person two hours of heartache by presenting information in a slightly different way to the textbooks; well, that makes all my efforts here worthwhile. I hope the information you find here is useful, but if you do find anything inaccurate then please let me know – I’d rather not spread disinformation, and my ego can certainly take it!

I prefer to break up the posts here into projects, so for future convenience we shall be listing the starting points of each of those below:

Getting Started (1 Post)

7-Segment Displays (5 Posts)

16×2 LCD Displays (5 Posts)

JTAG (In Progress) – Github project:

Electronics for Beginners. By Beginners. (Uh oh)